Who we are and what we do:

Martello Search and Security is a Limited Company founded for the purpose of providing the Police Service, Government Agencies and the Private Sector with a professionally trained and managed specialist search operations capability that includes;
  • Passive and Pro-Active Drugs Search Dog Teams
  • Explosives Search Dog Teams
  • Search and Rescue (Tracking and Searching for Vulnerable Missing Persons)

The Rationale for what we do:

Police Support Services:

Decreased policing budgets have caused managers to re evaluate the way in which the delivery of all policing tasks is achieved. Such evaluations have questioned the necessity for the role of search dog handler to be undertaken by highly skilled police officers, when such services could be outsourced to non police, but equally competent personnel, in the private sector. Outsourcing such services embraces the value of professional partnership working, improving efficiency and cost effectiveness and allowing police officers to focus on other prioritised policing tasks.

Private Sector Services:

Martello has set its standard to one whereby our operatives supported by associated management strategies can integrate seamlessly when working with Operational Police Resources. 
Whilst providing value for money, Martello provides the private sector with search dog teams trained and managed to the same standard as our resources deployed with the Operational Police Teams, raising the bar for standards and customer confidence within the private sector.